For who we work

Wecreate Consulting supports clients to make to most of their workforce’s employability whether it by realising your goals on education of your employees, improving the inflow of qualified personnel to your industry, or challenges in the field of outplacement and labour mobility.

Our clients include:


Industry or Sector organisations

        Our clients operate in a complex environment with multiple stakeholders and are continuously looking for new answers to tomorrow’s labour challenges. Industry boundaries are blurring, trade unions and employers’ representatives are under pressure. Wecreate Consulting works in this changing world helping employer organisations, trade unions, training and development funds and other industry representatives.



    Multinationals/ large enterprises

              Wecreate Consulting works directly for companies, mostly MNEs, with improving the procurement of training and development services, implementing competence management systems or developing vitality programs for elderly employees for example.

    (Regional) government and semi-public bodies

              Legislation and policy on labour market issues is rapidly changing. The EU has a growing influence on everything concerning the labour market in your country. Renewed European aspirations on battling Youth Unemployment and realizing Life-Long-Learning Programs have effect on regional and national policies. In addition, the budgets of national and regional public organisations are under pressure.
              Wecreate Consulting helps public administration in this unruly environment to achieve their goals by partnering with them to implement labour market projects.

    Public Private Partnerships

                Wecreate Consulting establishes public private partnerships that aim to achieve improvements in the labour market. Such partnerships include employers, trade unions, regional governments, chambers of commerce and job agencies to jointly develop a regional approach to combat unemployment. This type of multidisciplinary projects can succeed only through our professional approach.


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