Jobs for Europe conference – conclusions by Commissioner László Andor

The urgent need for governments, EU institutions and the social partners to work together to resolve Europe’s employment and social crisis was underlined by László Andor, European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion at the press conference concluding the Jobs for Europe Conference that took place in Brussels on 6-7 September.

Mr. Andor said: “There is an urgent need to identify concrete measures and to put them into effect. The conference yesterday and today was a next step – to raise awareness and build consensus on how best to put these measures into effect. Job creation must be treated as a priority on its own because jobs create growth. Programme countries cannot simply wait for jobs to be created as a result of growth and external demand. Europe needs a youth guarantee – that young people will be in work, training or education within months of leaving school –especially in peripheral countries.

But we need to remember that even if everybody should be able to move if they want to, people should not have to move to get a job. EU Cohesion Policy, and the European Social Fund within it, have a crucial role to play in investment to ensure economic development throughout Europe, so that job opportunities exist everywhere in Europe.

Local initiatives and mechanisms for enabling people to work are essential for a strong EU employment agenda. Many innovative solutions exist, such as the pooling of resources through employer alliances. Strengthening the social economy and community employment schemes that address local economic and social needs (notably in the green and health sectors) is indispensable for the future.

Moreover, it was stressed again that wage levels are just one of many factors of competitiveness – and that the key factors are qualitative: well-educated labour, R&D, innovation, quality of infrastructures. All these require investment. We need to work together build this pathway. People from the EU institutions, governments, trade unions, employers, NGOs and academics, need to go away from this conference determined to put into practice, at every level, the concrete measures we have agreed upon here.”

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Source: European Commission Press Release, September 7th 2012

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