Mass redundancies and the effects on corporate social responsibly

Is your company or industry struggling with (upcoming) redundancies? We help companies and industries with ‘job mobility centers’. As a result, redundant staff finds new jobs, local unemployment is reduced and Corporate Social Responsibilities are met. All the while reducing operational costs of the reorganization.

Because the economic crisis, companies have resort to necessary measures such as substantial reduction of workforce and relocation to Asia. Both lead to mass redundancies throughout Europe. And companies find it difficult to actively comply with their Corporate social responsibility (CSR) mechanisms regarding upcoming mass redundancies.

We have helped over 12.500 people across Europe finding a new job and improving their Employability, while enhancing their former Employers public image

Although companies monitor and ensure the legal obligations are met, still a lot of improvement can be made regarding living up to the standards and expectations of all relevant stakeholders and members of the public sphere.


Wecreate Consulting is helping companies and industries throughout Europe in setting up mobility centres via which companies:

  • Assist redundant staff in finding a new job
  • Increase the chances of redundant staff on the labour market, by proving vocational training and education targeted at a specific new job (via for examples associated employers looking for new personnel)
  • Reduce local unemployment significantly by setting up job-to-job programmes
  • Identify themselves as responsible employers and enhance their public image
  • Reduce operational costs of reorganisations and attract funding from (local) governments and NGOs

Wecreate Consulting can help your company or industry as well.

Please contact us for the possibilities.
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