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Wecreate supports the healthcare in the Netherlands with the implementation of the labour market plan of € 150 million

The healthcare sector in the Netherlands is changing significantly and in the context of these changes, funding from the Ministry of Social Affairs is used to educate employees to prepare them for the new challenges.
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Wecreate is involved in 32 industry plans

We are delighted that we have been selected to support the implementation of the industry plans of the Publishing Industry, the Office Supply Retailers and Graphics Industry.

We are the most experienced provider of services focused on restructuring the Dutch labour market in the Netherlands, through the usage of the funding provided by the Ministry of Social Affairs.
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Employment in Europe remains in critical condition

According to the EC, the employment and social situation in the EU remained very serious in the second quarter of 2012, while divergence remains persistent between Member States.
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Jobs for Europe conference – conclusions by Commissioner László Andor

The urgent need for governments, EU institutions and the social partners to work together to resolve Europe’s employment and social crisis was underlined by László Andor, European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion at the press conference concluding the Jobs for Europe Conference that took place in Brussels on 6-7 September.
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