Our Approach

Wecreate Consulting is committed to realising your ambitions on strengthening the employability of your workforce. We develop projects in close cooperation with our clients and create support for change, by focusing on people, involving them, and jointly tackling challenges to improve their perspective. Hence our slogan:

“Involve people, evolve perspective”.

Please find more information about our approach below.


Wecreate Consulting helps clients realise their objectives with a proven approach, based on our years of experience with Employability projects. It is our aim to converge the client’s needs with the interests of relevant stakeholders. Implicit needs are also examined and addressed before we start any project. We create a platform on which different needs and interest can be discussed and aim to create a common and sustainable agenda with all parties involved. Our approach ensures commitment, which is vital for the success of the project in subsequent phases.


Wecreate Consulting prepares clients for change by offering services such as Benchmarks of best practises across Europe, Expert Panel analyses on Employability, Market/ target group research, strategic HR analysis or Risk analysis. Based on this information, together with our clients we develop a business case on which decisions regarding further steps will be based.


Wecreate Consulting challenges clients to develop unconventional projects, for example via creativity sessions aimed at thinking outside existing frameworks and developing new insights. We broaden the scope of potential solutions and the choice of measures to be taken. Next, we select an execution model focusing on the implementation of objectives. We work out an action plan, in which we define the measures regarding Administrative Organisation and Internal Control (AO/IC) as well.


Wecreate Consulting implements the project according to the action plan. We reassess the project periodically and report to our clients. We ensure flexibility in the project, in order to maintain connected to the changing world around it. We ensure that stakeholders remain connected by involving them in the implementation of the project whenever possible and communicating with them on the progress made.


Wecreate Consulting delivers solutions with sustainable impact. Therefore, we advise and assist clients with embedding the project in new structures. We offer our clients services including auditing and evaluation of programs, communication strategies regarding dissemination of project results and redesign into new projects or concepts.

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