Full service Project Implementation

Wecreate Consulting can offer clients full-service project implementation. This includes all the necessary measures to achieve sustainable improvement of your workforce’s employability. We do this via our specific approach, from involving people to evolving perspective, and integrating our highly specialist experts from across Europe in a project.

Projects that we have executed show some remarkable results:

  • Outplacement projects preventing unemployment for > 12.500 redundant staff across Europe.
  • Developing better vocational training, improving the Employability of > 150.000 employees across Europe.
  • Delivering ICT solutions for education management and effective procurement of vocational training, reducing the net operational costs for dozens of MNEs and hunderds of SMEs.
We challenge you to join us in strengthening the labour market, by asking you:

  • What will the industrial relations be like in 10 years from now? Will the idea of employment continue to exist? What will this mean for your workforce? And how can you make advantage of these changes?
  • What will the increasing labour shortage mean to you? And what are the consequences if you do not take action?
  • Will your industry continue to exist? What are the implications on employer organisations and trade unions? Who will represent your interests? Should you start taking action already?
More about the way we address full-service projects can be read here.

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