Wecreate is involved in 32 industry plans

We are delighted that we have been selected to support the implementation of the industry plans of the Publishing Industry, the Office Supply Retailers and Graphics Industry.

We are the most experienced provider of services focused on restructuring the Dutch labour market in the Netherlands, through the usage of the funding provided by the Ministry of Social Affairs.

We assist 32 different sectors in total, with activities such as:

  • Act as an Intermediary in communication with the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Agency Social Affairs
  • Execute parts of the labour market reform, such as social innovation and reintegration of unemployed
  • Offer complete Outsourcing of the Project Administration (via a web -based portal)
  • Offer partial Outsourcing of Project Management
  • Quality Audits and Management Reporting

We have proven our value by having an eye for details in the (administrative) regulations that have major implications for the eventual financial settlement.

We help industries reshape their labour m§ arkets and create new jobs.

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