Wecreate supports the healthcare in the Netherlands with the implementation of the labour market plan of € 150 million

The healthcare sector in the Netherlands is changing significantly and in the context of these changes, funding from the Ministry of Social Affairs is used to educate employees to prepare them for the new challenges.

We have developed a joint administrative organization (Shared Service Centre), including portal and back office in the last six months, for 16 regional healthcare labour market plans.

Parts of the services we have provided include assisting in setting up the legal structure, balancing accountability, functional design of the web portal, make arrangements with the Ministry of Social Affairs, selecting the auditor. This involves a total of more than € 65 million in grants and in total more than € 150 million project costs, all intended to educate at least 40.000 employees in the health care sector.

In the coming months we will remain involved in performing tasks of the Shared Service Centre and we will provide customized assistance to regions that need extra support.

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